Why Your Painkillers May Be Causing You More Pain

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Physical Health + Wellness

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If you’re the kind of person who tries to carry on with a busy day even when you’re in pain, it’s fair to say that you probably have a pack of painkillers in your bag. Painkillers are practical. You just need to pop one or two pills, and the pain disappears, letting you get on with what you wanted to do.


There’s no denying that there is a place for painkillers in the health industry. However, you need to be careful about how often you rely on these magical pain erasers. Ultimately, getting rid of the pain is not the same thing as getting rid of the underlying issue. When there is pain, there is a problem that needs to be appropriately addressed. In other words, next time you’re tempted to take a pill and carry on, sit down and take the time to understand your pain.


They don’t target the source of the pain.


Painkillers numb the nerve messages so that your brain doesn’t need to know about the pain. It doesn’t mean your body doesn’t feel the pain, but you don’t know it exists. It’s the equivalent of turning a blind eye, and sometimes, when the pain occurs too frequently, you need to tackle the source. Back pains, for instance, are a typical painkiller situation. However, working closely with a chiropractor can help you to reduce and manage the issue effectively. A drug-free and personal treatment solution can go a long way in removing pain for good!


Painkillers can be lifesaving, and very beneficial. However, if used incorrectly, too much, or for the wrong conditions, they become more detrimental. #physicalhealth #healthyliving #painkillers

They mask further injury.


Your body might be in pain, but it doesn’t mean that there is no further cause for it. Indeed, if you’ve been injured in a situation that was out of your control, such as falling on a slippery floor in a mall, you might be able to claim compensation with the support of professionals such as https://www.wetzellawfirm.com/biloxi.html. Receiving monetary compensation is no matter of wealth enhancement. It’s designed to help you gain access to the medical assistance you need.  


They can lead to stomach, kidney, and blood issues.


The problem with relying on painkillers is that they can lead to unpleasant side effects. Indeed, Aspirin, for instance, can cause your stomach to bleed or can generate ulcers if you take them for an extended period – find out more here https://www.webmd.com/pain-management. Ibuprofen can also affect your stomach, as well as cause kidney damage – however, it is absorbed fast by the blood and therefore has low side effects risks. Prescription painkillers are not safe either, as they can lead to depression and addiction, as proven by House M.D. and his Vicodin dependency.  


The more you take them, the less they work.


Finally, the more you rely on painkillers, the more tolerance your body builds up. In the long term, you face the risk of not feeling any of the beneficial effects of the painkillers, namely numbing the pain. The chronic use of pain medication can actively modify your brain, meaning that your brain becomes hypersensitive to pain as a result of it.


In conclusion, painkillers have a specific function as they are designed to help your body recover from surgery or physical trauma without causing additional distress. However, for your own safety, you should always see your doctor when the pain fails to disappear. Additionally, there are better options than numbing the pain!

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