Tips to Find Mental Strength When You’re Not Okay

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Mental Health

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Developing mental strength is an ongoing process during which you find the courage to accept your values and live according to them. As you do, you are in charge of creating your individual definition of success and happiness. But until you learn the key to unlock mental resilience and confidence, you might struggle to navigate the troubled waters of existence.

Mental strength is not something you learn overnight. It doesn’t come from a supplement or tablet. It’s a form of resilience that comes from a dark place. Indeed, people who develop mental strength are those who are going through a difficult and stressful situation. You can’t be resilient and confident when there are no challenges. When you’re not okay is when you build the mental toughness you need.

Become aware of the vicious circle.

Reckless people never worry about the consequences of their actions. People who worry too much never act. Ultimately, you need to define a happy middle way between worrying when it’s meaningful and necessary and understanding that worries can drag you down. Mental strength comes from being aware of your surroundings – rather than worrying about what could happen if this or that. The sooner you realize that you’re stuck in a self-inflicted stress circle, the sooner you can free your mind.

Our resilience--our ability to move forward with strength--that serves as a catalyst to our continued happiness in difficult times. #resilience

Find a happy place to relax.

Mental strength is not about removing all the stress from your life. It’s an impossible task–and you will break your teeth on it if you try. But while a hectic or difficult situation might feel overwhelming, it doesn’t mean that it should have control over your perception of life. Finding your own happiness is not an easy task, and one that most people seem to forget about. Going back to the little things that bring you joy such as walking in nature, for instance, can help you to find your ground again.

Welcome change.

Last, but not least, life is not a smooth journey. You can’t stop things from happening and throwing off your plans. But that’s what it means to be alive; you have to flexible. If you’re able to adapt to new circumstances, you can always make the most of them and maintain your sanity. Mental strength builds == resilience.

Use the expertise of others.

Life is hard, and when you’re going through a lot, it can feel as if you’re being crushed. Ultimately, the first place to turn to–to feel less vulnerable– is to ask experts for their support. When we’re ill, we turn to a doctor. When we’re injured in an accident that turns your life upside down, the expertise of an injury attorney, or perhaps a physical therapist, can help you to get your life back on track. When you find yourself in a financial crunch, maybe you seek a loan from the bank. You get the idea. Turn to those with experience in a specific field when you need it.

As professionals help you smooth out a variety of obstacles they also ease your stress. Your mind is free to build newfound confidence for the future. Yes, things are bad now, but people are helping you to get back on your feet.

The happiest people you know don’t always have a happy life. On the contrary; most have gone through painful experiences. But it’s their ability to maintain ability to move forward with strength that serves as a catalyst to their happiness. From relying on experts who know better to embracing changes, learn to be more resilient against the lemons of life.

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Our resilience--our ability to move forward with strength--that serves as a catalyst to our continued happiness in difficult times. #resilience