We spend a lot of time in front of screens. Whether it’s working on a computer for hours straight or browsing social media on our phones at night, our devices have become major parts of our life. Although we could dive deep into the effects of this, wouldn’t it be nice to use these screens in a positive way?

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You’ve probably heard of affirmations, implementing a gratitude practice, and journaling but what if there was an even smaller step you could take to invite some positivity into your day? One of the simplest ways to do this is by changing your phone or computer wallpaper to something that inspires you.

Affirmation and Motivational Quote WallpapersEven if you don’t have a specific goal in mind, a breath of fresh air and an inspiring quote can give you the confidence boost you need to take on the day. Check out these inspirational wallpapers (created by Mint) to transform your screens into daily doses of happiness and encouragement.

There are quotes that inspire us to work hard, believe in ourselves, and even reach our fitness goals. Whatever you need a little more of, start with a small step and focus on achieving success and happiness.



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Think Happy Thoughts with These Motivational Quote and Affirmation Phone Wallpapers