First and foremost, I want you to know this: my motivation for creating this blog—and for making it a success—IS YOU.



Each and every one of us struggles at some point in life. There’s no escaping that possibility. Those of us who live day-to-day with mental illness, though–we don’t just struggle. We fight. We fight depression, or anxiety, or bipolar, or whatever else has chosen to bless us with it’s presence (enter sarcasm).

We HAVE to fight. EVERY. DAY. Otherwise–we lose ourselves.

We all know on some days the fight is easier to win. But on those other days, it can be absolutely brutal.

My ambition is that Simply Living become:

  • a source of support & motivation

  • a venue for learning

  • strategies to strengthen your resilience, self-worth, & positivity

  • proactive methods of self-care

  • the value of crisis plan development

  • an outlet to safely share your story and find comfort in knowing you are not alone

  • and among other things, an endless fountain of humor, smiles, and joy!

Well, maybe not a fountain, but I’ll throw in a few things I’m hopeful will make you smile.

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I’ve lived with depression and anxiety for more than 20 years.
Over those 20ish years, I have traveled through the ridiculous hills, valleys, craters, and other ginormously-large depths of mental illness. I feel like I’ve been prescribed every imaginable antidepressant known to man, and I’ve had countless unproductive conversations with my husband in an effort to help him understand what things feel like inside my head. I’ve also worked for many years with juvenile offenders; many of whom battle a wide spectrum of mental health issues.

I’ve been upfront and personal with the struggles (and triumphs) that accompany living a life with mental illness.

I’ve learned so, so much along the way. Not only that, but I’ve researched the hell out of depression, anxiety, mental health, and wellness in general. Yes, I have college degrees, but life experience and the rabbit holes of the Internet have proven most beneficial in helping me learn about managing my illnesses.

In fact, I’ll share one of the most important things I’ve learned. Ya ready? Ya sure? Okay, listen up … ’cause this is important.

Mental illness puts us at a ridiculous disadvantage. But if you’re not willing to put in the time and do some hard work on YOU–all the self-help in the world … is worthless.

There. I said it. If you’re not willing to do the work, the information I share with you is worthless. There is no magical fairy to make it all go away, but there most definitely are things we can do to live a life less focused on our issues and more focused on living a fulfilling and happy life.


I believe I am uniquely qualified to partner with you in your endeavor to find a stronger, happier you. You deserve to live a less stressed, more satisfying, and fulfilling life.

Do I have it all figured out? Oh, hell no! I won’t lie to you and tell you I know everything there is to know. I don’t. I’m also not a doctor or a medical professional.

What I am is someone who’s experienced the pain, helplessness, numbness, panic, and misery you may be feeling–and someone with a strong desire to do my small part in helping others feel less alone during the struggle.

I’m in a far better place than I’ve been in 20 years, but I still say “good morning bitches” and “dammit, you’re still here…” to Depression and Anxiety every morning. The difference is that I am now FAR more equipped with proactive strategies, tools, and survival skills to fight them. And you will get there too.


If you’re curious about my world and those I love… read on, but ya don’t have to!

We are a military family who’ve moved umpteen times and lived in umpteen different places. We currently live on the Gulf Coast of Florida and feel like we may have finally found our forever home.

Maybe. It’s beautiful here, and the beach… IS A BEACH!

I have two stinky teenage boys and a wonderfully supportive husband I adore; all of who make me laugh–even when I don’t want to. They’ve taught me to embrace my sense of humor, and they support me when I need a little extra encouragement, even though they do that without fully understanding why I need it.

Thankfully, the hold depression and anxiety have held on our lives isn’t nearly as strong as in the past.

Now, I want to hear about YOU. Send me an email and tell me stuff!

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