The Positive Impact of Walking to Work

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Physical Health + Wellness

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Nowadays, more of us than ever embark on road-based commutes to get to and from work. As of October last year, an impressive 85.4% of American workers took to their cars each morning. The reasons for this vary, and in some cases, there’s no getting around the commute. Often, high-prices for city living mean we have no choice but to move to rural areas and travel. In instances like these, there’s no other option if you want to arrive at the office in time.

But, many of us drive to work due to nothing more than laziness. If you were to survey everyone on the road, many would admit that they could walk if they wanted to. In busy areas, walking would even be a quicker option. Yet, we still find ourselves behind the wheel when 8am rolls around.

This is terrible news not only for our health but also for our mentality. As commuter numbers increase, so do dissatisfaction levels and stress. And, the two aren’t as unrelated as you might think. You could argue, then, that it’s past time we stopped taking the easy route and opted to walk instead. Even if this would mean leaving half an hour earlier, it’s a step work taking, especially for those who work in offices. And, we’re going to look at why.

A chance to stretch your legs

When you get into the office, you sit in your chair and rarely leave it for the rest of your day. That’s bad news for your health at the best of times. Inactivity leads to all manner of problems, including heart disease and high blood pressure. Sitting down all day can also lead to visible issues such as weight gain and varicose veins. If you’re worried about these, you should book up to see a doctor or heart and vein specialist for advice. If everything seems well at the moment, though, walking to work can help to alleviate the risks. By stretching your legs before hitting the office, you at least use your legs at the start and end of your days. If you manage 10,000 steps, you can pretty much kiss goodbye to desk-related health risks.

Getting into the right mindset

It’s also worth noting that walking can work wonders for mindset. Even a short walk each day can help to combat stress and get your thoughts in order. This is useful in any line of work, but especially in the office. During the day, you’ll be in a high-paced environment, surrounded by other people. As such, taking this quiet thinking time to yourself is more valuable than you could know. You may also find that the mere process of walking helps to kick fire your creative processes. It’s a method many artists use, and it could see you producing better work once you arrive.

So, ditch the car keys tomorrow and give it a try. You may find pleasure in walking which you never even knew to look for.

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