The Effects a Vegetarian Diet Will Have on Your Nervous System

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Physical Health + Wellness

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Most people are born into their way of food and eating. Vegetarianism is something that parents usually pass onto their children and not something that infants make a choice of being. Therefore it can be ingrained in us to eat a certain way without really thinking about the consequences that could befall us. Vegetarianism is a very healthy way of life and some might say the safest option. You’re not quite vegan, which would mean cutting out any kind of animal product in your life. However, you don’t actually consume protein from meats which means you are kind of in the middle of the road. Yet, this does not mean you are going to be stronger than someone who eats meat in their diet.

Your nerves will pay a price for not eating a good amount of protein every day, but there are ways to keep them strong.

Have Some Basil

Basil is a herb that is very fragrant and tastes great. However, it also has some great positives for our nervous system. Basil helps our memory and refreshes our neurons with new nutrients to keep them fresh and fast-working. A lot of brain activity occurs when we are trying to recall an event and remember specific details. Eating more basil will help to shorten the time it takes for our brain to connect the dots. How can you do this? There are lots of ways basil can be a part of your everyday life. Mix it up with some ricotta cheese to make a sandwich spread. Include it on your next vegetarian supreme pizza. Roll it up and chop it finely to include in your pasta dishes. You can even put it into a juice smoothie for your breakfast.

Our bodies need B12 from high-protein foods to maintain a strong nervous system. A #vegetariandiet requires additional sources of protein to avoid issues with your nervous system.

The Downside Equalizer

Sadly, one thing that isn’t talked about in the mainstream vegetarian and vegan culture is the downside to not getting enough protein. Depending on how your body reacts to your diet, you can end up having a B12 deficiency. This is greatly detrimental to your nervous system and can end up shortening life expectancy. If you are having trouble curling your toes and making a fist when you wake up in the morning, it could be because of the lack of B12 vitamin in your system. After you have been diagnosed with a B12 deficiency don’t panic, it’s nowhere near the end of the world. You can get a dosage of the vitamin with b12 shots that can boost your energy levels, manage stress levels, enhance your metabolism and much more. If you are a member with a clinic that provides this service you may not have to pay anything at all for the basic shot.

Cold Shower

When you take a shower, some of your nerves become aloof and others become more active. When you stay in a hot shower for too long, it can actually deaden your never response to senses to your skin. It’s a good idea to end your shower or bath with a quick spurt of cold water all over your body to wake your nerves up again. It will also bring them out of a numbness and reinvigorate them with new blood.

Vegetarians need to know that their diet is healthy but it also leaves some things to desire. B12 is something our bodies need for a good strong nervous system and the only way to get good amounts of it is through eating high-protein foods. Obviously, meat is out of the question for you so it’s it becomes essential to look for other options.

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The Effects a Vegetarian Diet Will Have on Your Nervous System