Before starting, let’s be clear; there is nothing wrong with being a healthy size zero…if your body is genetically made that way. The key word there is HEALTHY. Sadly, though, media portrayals have created a serious issue with the desire to be skinny. And it’s not only an issue that affects women. 

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Anorexia, bulimia, and general malnutrition are rapidly growing problems. If you’ve been suffering from any of these issues, you’ve already taken the biggest step by admitting there’s a problem. However, you’ll still need to make several conscious decisions to restore a healthy relationship with your body. Here’s all you need to know. 

It’s Good to Talk

Admitting that you have a problem to yourself is one thing, but vocalizing it to someone else makes it all real. If speaking to a friend or relative is too much at this time eating disorder counseling offers a great option. Aside from gaining that added sense of confidentiality, the experts can provide tips and ongoing support.    

Meanwhile, further support can be gained from support groups. Whether it’s a weekly meeting with local people in a similar position or speaking to the online community is up to you. Either way, knowing that you are not alone can be very comforting indeed.

Staying healthy often requires a bit more work in the areas of support, motivation, diet, and habits. Strive to keep your body healthy and strong. #healthyliving

Dangle the Proverbial Carrot 

Incentivizing yourself to put some weight on in a healthy manner is vital. After all, you will never reach those goals unless you truly want it. There are far too many obstacles and stumbling blocks to get through if you don’t have that true ambition to change.

One of the best solutions is to buy a wardrobe of outfits you love in the size you wish to achieve. Alternatively, you can reward yourself with a vacation once you hit the goal weight. This will also give you the motivation to get the body that you want while focusing on the positives rather than any negative elements. 

Improve Your General Health 

You’ve heard it before–a healthy body and a healthy mind come as a package. Therefore, focusing on your overall wellness is advised. When you make improvements in your general life, this will inevitably aid your body image as a consequence.   

The key to success is to stop worrying about what others think. This is one of the chief reasons for falling into eating disorders in the first place. Liberating yourself in this way will provide the boost needed to push through and chase the goals. Moreover, with your mind in a healthy place, you can see benefits in other aspects of your world.

Stay Busy 

For people that haven’t had eating disorders, the idea of leaving a void seems crazy. But losing that habit of vomiting or punishing yourself after meals does create a hole. The best way to stop it becoming an issue is to stay busy. Finding a new hobby or committing to building muscle and strength in the gym can work wonders. It’s another motivational tool too. 

Even if you spend more time with loved ones or start reading or watching films, taking your mind away from the old routine can make all the difference. To take things further still, you could also consider changing your daily schedule so that you eat at a more suitable time.

Ultimately, the desire to stay healthy should be your primary goal. Sometimes staying healthy requires a bit more work in the areas of support, motivation, diet, and a change in habits. Do the work to keep your body healthy and strong.

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