Want to Connect with Others Who Understand Your Struggle?


The NEW Mental Health & Personal Growth Community on Pinterest provides us with a place to share the struggles and triumphs we face living with mental health issues as we strive to create a better life.

The community includes folks just like you along with a handful of bloggers and mental health professionals. I want it to be a safe space for all of us.

Share your experiences, advice, tips, coping strategies, and support one another as we all create a happy, fulfilling life. Or just hang out and know there are others who understand what you may be feeling. Just scroll down and tap (or click) the button below! Easy Peasy!

See you there, Ali


Click to Join 


  1. Click or tap the button below to be taken back to Pinterest.
  2. Next, click or tap the JOIN button you see in the upper corner on the community page.