Most people would know that if they got a sudden and crushing pain in their chest they are probably having a heart attack. This is the best-known symptom of a heart problem, but it is not the only one by any means. Most medical conditions will start to manifest themselves in a much simpler and less noticeable way. You should always be aware of any changes in your body, and get it checked out to see if there is something wrong.

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Dizzy spells or light-headedness is one of the most common symptoms people have experienced when they are seeking medical attention. It is caused by disturbances in the brain, with vision, in the inner ear or the gastrointestinal system.

If it happens occasionally you should make an appointment to see your physician.  However, if it persists and you also have nausea or sickness, you should seek immediate medical attention. Dizziness is related to several medical conditions including blood pressure, diabetes, anemia, dehydration and heart problems.


If you suddenly start getting forgetful and when you wake up in the morning your brain feels sluggish even though you have had a good nights sleep, it could be that you have something hormonal wrong such as a thyroid problem that will affect your health and wellness. The problem with this is that you may have other symptoms that seem unrelated. You could be feeling the cold more than normal, and your food might not taste quite as good.

Some medication can put this right, but you may be surprised just how many people in the US have this condition without being aware of it.

Our bodies often provide us with warning signs when something isn't quite right with our health. Knowing what to watch for can make a real difference. #HealthyLiving #Wellness

Hearing Loss

Most people visit their dentist and opticians on a regular basis but then it comes to their hearing they never bother to get it checked out.  They only tend to bother when they get signs of hearing loss, which tend to be when they realize they have to often ask people to repeat what they have said.

Our ears are besieged with loud noises all the time. From machinery and equipment to traffic noises and music, they can take a pounding without people realizing the damage that is being done.

The inside of your ear is very delicate and sometimes the damage cannot be repaired. However, before you will know if there is any treatment to help, you would have to seek help from the experts in this area of medicine.

Using the Bathroom Often

The most common cause of needing to use the bathroom more often is that you have developed type 2 diabetes. If you have to get up in the night for the bathroom, and you know you are going more often in the daytime as well, get your blood sugar levels checked as if you are diabetic, there are effective ways of reversing it at this early stage. Diet and exercise can do wonders for a type 2 diabetic and it does not mean that you will need any medication if you can manage your blood sugar levels without it.

Tingling In the Arms and Legs

Tingling can be easy to ignore, but it is a sign from your body that something is not right. It is usually caused by a problem with blood circulation and this could be related to anemia, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, kidney diseases and conditions of the arteries and veins.

If tingling is the only symptom you can make an appointment with your physician. However, if you are also feeling dizzy or sick, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Our bodies often provide us with warning signs when something isn't quite right with our health. Knowing what to watch for can make a real difference. #HealthyLiving #Wellness

Inflamed or Bleeding Gums

A study by the University of Florida as shown that the same bacteria that cause gum diseases can promote heart problems. Research among some older people showed that if the bacteria was high in their mouths, they were more likely to have arteries that had thickened which can happen before a stroke or heart attack.

Another study by the American Journal Of Preventative Medicine showed that fewer patients ended up in a hospital if they had their gum problems treated. It is thought that the link is caused by how the body responds to inflammation, but whatever the reason, make sure you get your gums checked on a regular basis.

Don’t Ignore The Signs

There are so many illness and symptoms that it is impossible to mention them all here. These signs above are some of the more common ones though, and hopefully, they may help you to recognize that something is wrong and to get treatment sooner rather than later.