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Something as simple as working out more often has the capacity to change you from the core, and quite literally, make you into a better person. #newyearsresolutions #goals #fitness

New Year, New You: How Exercise Will Make You a Better Person

New Year, New You: How Exercise Will Make You a Better Person

by | Dec 30, 2018 | Physical Health + Wellness

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The following article is a guest post by Cooper Klein. You’ll find a brief bio with more information about Coop at the end of the article. 

As soon as the New Year starts approaching, most of us rush to make a few resolutions. It’s almost like getting a chance to turn a new leaf and start the upcoming period with a clean slate, and that kind of motivation is very useful if you’re trying to change your life.

Of course, more physical activity is one of the best ways to promote our health and make sure January starts off on the right foot, but promising you’ll exercise more is different than actually doing it. Do you want to make sure you stay committed to your goals and finally get fit? Then take a look at how something as simple as working out can change you from the core and make you into a better person. 

It helps you manage stress.

Tense, irritable people are seldom good company even to themselves, and learning how to manage stress is one of the key aspects of good mental health. This is particularly true for people who work from home and don’t get the chance to go out and be active without proper incentive.

Exercising is very important for them, but it’s also important for everyone else—if you don’t move around you’ll become sluggish, complacent, and stuck in your daily rut without a way to get out of it. Since working out releases endorphins and makes us feel energetic, this could be a great boost to motivation that will make you eager to get out and do something interesting.

It makes you more responsible.

Working out means taking responsibility for your own wellbeing. When you’re sweating it out at the gym or at home, there’s just you and no one else, there are no excuses except the ones you give to yourself.

Once you start, you’ll realize that this philosophy applies to the rest of your life as well—you’re the one in charge and the only one who can make a difference. Even a small step forward like getting some light exercise equipment and establishing a regular workout schedule will make a huge difference in your attitude towards yourself. You’ll start thinking about the things you can do to make a situation better instead of excuses you can make to push away the blame. 

Something as simple as working out more often has the capacity to change you from the core, and quite literally, make you into a better person. #newyearsresolutions #goals #fitness

It teaches you how to manage difficulties.

In a way, exercising teaches you how to deal with pain. The strain of your muscles and the achy soreness that will be present in the beginning is something immensely useful because it teaches you one priceless skill—how to be good at being uncomfortable. Instead of shying away from anything that’s even remotely unpleasant, you’ll learn to tackle problems head on and actually push through difficulties until you succeed. The sooner you learn that life is full of difficulties that you’ll have to face, the better. 

It makes you want to improve.

There’s something incredible about observing your own progress and realizing that you can actually do it, that you can meet your goals. Working out is a way to choose bliss in your life, to create an aura of positivity in your home and around yourself.

Success if a huge confidence boost, and once you’ve gained it from working out, it will apply to every other aspect of your life—from work to relationships, people will notice the difference. Once you start doing well, it inspires you to do more good things, and when you do more good things, you’re happier. It’s a very pleasant cycle that just keeps building up the further you go with it. 

There’s no doubt that exercising is one of the best things you can do for yourself. If you’re worried about actually sticking to a routine you can take a look at a few tips here, but generally simply try to have faith in yourself. Remember that you’re doing this to improve your own life and that excuses will only get in the way of progress. Now go hit the gym and have fun!

Cooper Klein is a bearded dad from Sydney. He’s a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator and other online magazines. You can find him on Twitter.

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Something as simple as working out more often has the capacity to change you from the core, and quite literally, make you into a better person. #newyearsresolutions #goals #fitness
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