This post is a guest post from one of Simply Living’s regular contributors, Brad Krause. You can learn more about Brad at the bottom of the page.Learning is a lifelong process and one that can open doors to professional and recreational opportunities. But, it’s also a process that can be made that much better by adding a friend or two into the mix. Keep reading for ideas on the best things to learn with a friend with a few options you can do from home if transportation (or self-confidence) is a concern.

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Sure, you can turn on the stove and whip up a short stack of pancakes, but can you customize the perfect crepe? Cooking classes are a great way to up your kitchen game while learning about health and nutrition. As an added bonus, you and your friends get to sample your homework. Interactive culinary classes start at about $75 per person.

Taking the time to enhance your knowledge is always a good decision. The education you receive and the skills you learn are gifts that you can take with you throughout each stage of your life. #lifelonglearning #newhobby


Today’s smartphones have made it so that everyone thinks they are a professional photographer. Well, that’s not necessarily true. Real photography is as much about science as it is art. In order to capture the most profound images, you must take into account lighting, composition and color. By taking the time to understand all of the work that goes in to photography, you can boost your images to a new level. Not only does photography allow you to capture a singular moment in time, but as photographer Vicki Knights explains, is also a creative outlet that can help you appreciate the world around you.


There are few endeavors more intimidating than learning how to play a new instrument. But there is strong evidence to suggest that playing music isgood for the mind and body. There are numerous ways to learn but perhaps the least daunting is through online music lessons.

Choose instruments that are used in your favorite style of music. For example, if you like jazz, consider a trumpet. When buying a trumpet, you’ll need to look for ones with the best reviews, as well as cost and whether or not you have people to play with. One of the biggest benefits of music is the social aspect: Instruments can be played in a group setting and doing so can help you get to know your friends and family in ways you never imagined. Another common instrument is the guitar. Take some lessons or watch instructional videos on .YouTube. There’s a great article about the many benefits of learning to play guitar HERE.


Like music, dancing is a form of creative expression that will also provide you unique opportunities for social interaction. Taking a dance class can be used as a form of recreation and entertainment and help you overcome shyness and stress. Mastering a complicated move alone or with a partner can give you a sense of achievement and boost your self-confidence. Nashville Ballroom explains other benefits of dancing. 


There are so many forms of art that we could create multiple posts just describing your options. Whether you choose crafting, painting, drawing, sculpting, or woodworking, artistic endeavors are skills you can home, even if you lack substantial natural talent. Schools use art in education to enhance academic performance and increase motor skills in young children. These benefits are not just for the elementary-age crowd, either. In addition to learning a new skill, taking an art class can put you outside of your comfort zone and give you an opportunity to prove to yourself that you can do the things you set your mind to. 

Public Speaking

Out of all the skills we’ve listed, public speaking may be the most important, especially for those of you with a career in leadership. Taking a public speaking course can help you exude confidence when addressing a large crowd. It will also teach you how to be a motivator, which is an essential skill in the workplace. 

Taking the time to enhance your knowledge is always a good decision. Whether you choose to learn online, in class, with a friend, or by yourself, the education you receive and the skills you learn are gifts that you can take with you throughout each stage of your life.

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Lifelong Learning is Essential: What Hobby Will You Learn Today?