The keto diet has undergone much discussion in recent years. Some seem to swear by it, while others consider it to be an extreme approach to losing weight. Like with any contested topic, both sides feel they have the absolute answer, and that the other side isn’t seeing the light. This goes triple for matters relating to how we live our life, and the decisions we make. This is because no one wishes to feel like they are being left out of something good, or that they might be outdated in their approach, or perhaps things aren’t as fixed as they could be. The other side might think that old convention is completely flawed with no value at all, and that failure to adopt anything to latest accepted study tells them is tantamount to abiding by traditional dogma solely.

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In reality, there’s a middle ground here. Let’s examine why the ketosis diet is being followed, and why someone who has aggressively resisted the idea might consider it by even 1%. Of course, you are free to come to the conclusions as you had hoped, and be sure to research past this article, to ensure you grant yourself the widest and most informed viewpoint.

Potential for Weight Loss

The keto diet is an effective means of losing weight. This is due to the fact that fewer carbohydrates are retained. Instead, your fuel source comes from the fats you consume, and yes, the fats you have stored. This means that you will literally be using your excess weight as a form of fuel, provided that you are eating within normal caloric guidelines. First and foremost you will lose plenty of weight due to the water weight no longer being retained from the food you consume.

This is why in the first few weeks of a ketosis diet, you will notice that your bathroom trips increase. This means that adequately replacing your water intake and taking electrolyte supplementation is necessary. Before long this will level out, and you’ll find that your body becomes leaner. If losing weight on a carbohydrate-inclusive diet, you would have to commit to more caloric restriction and potentially eke yourself over to an unhealthy weight loss progressions.

Let's examine why the ketosis diet is being followed, and why someone who has aggressively resisted the idea might consider it. #KetoDiet #HealthyLiving

Delicious Foods

Some people do not think about their diet. They simply eat what they’d like, or stick to meals they know. Ketosis has a pretty fantastic measure of ensuring that you do eat foods that are healthy, yes, but also planned out. You will find yourself inspecting the carb content of certain foods, learning new recipes and alternates to recipes, and sourcing more healthy foods. You will eat plenty of avocado, coconut oil, cook with healthy ghee butter, and eat plenty of leafy green vegetables. You will start looking for fat content rather than carbs.

Of course, it may be harder to go out and eat, or explain your diet to those who might not understand it, but overall you will gain an intimate understanding and appreciation for the various methods of cooking, and that can only be a healthy thing.

No More Crashes

Whenever we elect to eat a carb-heavy meal, it can often be the case that we feel like sleeping for hours afterwards. This can be a problem in the middle of the day, even if eating a simple baked potato.

Without the insulin response from the carbs, you will find that on keto your measured energy levels are more consistent throughout the day. This gives you the chance to feel much more stable, even if eating a large meal. It’s a positive thing to experience, truly.

With these tips, you’re sure to consider the keto diet by a fraction of a percentage more. If not, that’s fine too!

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Important Thoughts to Consider Before Starting the Keto Diet