How to Get Your Kids Interested in Sports

by | Dec 7, 2018 | Parenting

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Most parents realize that playing sports is a great way to keep their kids active, but how do we get them to do this when all they want to do is play on their phones and XBox? The health benefits can be huge and will give them a more positive attitude as they grow.  They can become better communicators, develop a strong work ethic and learn real teamwork – all from playing a sport.

All-Year-Round Sports

It can be easier than ever, as parents, to get our children into sports as there are often several seasons throughout the year or longer seasons for many sports. Games such as basketball and soccer are often played year round, and the clubs welcome children of all ages. Often, they just need to see that some of their friends are playing and then they will be happy to join it too. Sometimes the thought of playing with lots of kids they do not know will make them uncomfortable initially. Once they start playing, they’ll be fine.

Give Them Choices

There are not many sports now that do not have teams for both boys and girls, and then of course, there are the ones that are not team oriented, such as swimming, boxing, or fencing. In fact, as youngsters, there are other things that will bother them more. For example, they will look at soccer uniforms and pick the team that has the one they think will suit them the best. You might think this is shallow, but they are teens and it does matter to them!  

Expose Them to as Much as Possible

While they are young, we should let them get involved in a number of sporting activities. This is the only way they will discover if there is one they really like. If they enjoy a sport, they are more likely to do well at it and that can boost their confidence no end. Even as toddlers, we can play ball with them, have them chasing bubbles or let them throw rings over a hoop. Actions like these start them off being an active child and can build a love of games into them before they start school.

Encourage Them

Once they are at school, we should encourage them to take part is at least one of the sports programs the school has on offer. This might mean they have to stay behind later to play, but this will be far outweighed by the benefits they will experience.
It could be that the school does not play the sport they are interested in. For instance, they might want to do gymnastics, and not every school offers classes in it. Then we would need to find a local club for them to join, as they need all the encouragement you can give them.

As They Get Older

Some kids do not take up a sport until they are in high school, and really that is a waste of time they could have spent having some fun. If this is the case with your kids though, do not despair as it is better they do it then than not at all.

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