For the large majority of people, sex is not a big issue. It’s just part of normal everyday life. It’s a stress reliever, it’s a lust release and it’s also a way to express your love for somebody. Not many people are comfortable with their own sexuality which makes them shy when asked by their partner what they like in the bedroom. It’s only natural that we feel this way because we’re showing a part of ourselves that might feel embarrassed about. So we tend to keep sexual fantasies to ourselves and bottle them up. But this isn’t healthy and it’s like an itch that you can’t scratch. Except that, it is an itch which you can scratch if only you had the confidence to admit and even demand what you like from your significant other. It’s not that easy you say, but here are some ways you can manage your sexual desires in a healthy way.

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Meet people like you.

There’s a place for everybody on the internet, so use it to your advantage. You can search for forums and websites that have people on them, that are looking for similarly-minded folk. If you have a sexual fantasy that you really do want to explore and know more about, but do so safely then you can talk to people who have already done what you’re thinking of trying. It doesn’t matter if it’s some kind of fetish that you have, whether you want to explore power play dynamics, if you want to try different outfits or even bring food into the equation, there is readily available information out there for you. You can engage on forums through written posts, so you don’t need to share any personal details about yourself.

Many of us suppress our #sexuality for fear of being embarrassed or ashamed. Among other things, talking with others who share the same desires can help. #sex #relationships

Supressing is not healthy.

Suppressing your urges and not allowing yourself to live them out, can be quite stressful. Imagine going all your life without ever trying something you have always wanted to but you’ve stopped yourself from doing so. It’s going to have an impact on you sooner or later and isn’t good for your mental health. If you would like some advice on how you could explore your darkest sexual desires, then you always have the option of speaking with a professional. Sex therapy is a very common treatment for people with anxieity or severe shyness in this area. Just explain to the therapist what is holding you back and learn ways in which you can slowly but surely begin to muster the courage you need.

Talk with your partner.

It’s very cliche thing to say but you have to talk with your partner about your sexual desires. We often make mountains from molehills in our own mind, so it might be more embarrassing in your own head than it is in reality. This is why you should speak about your fantasies with your partner, explain how much it would mean to you to have them fulfilled, and see if they are down to go along with them a play the part you want them to.

Many of us suppress our own sexuality for fear of being embarrassed or ashamed. Consider starting by speaking with others with the same desires and see where it goes from there.

How to Fulfill Your Repressed Sexual Desires