Do you want to have a productive day? Start preparing the night before with a night-time routine. After all, no matter how many times you practice or prepare for a meeting or presentation, it could still fall flat if you wake up without the energy to execute. 

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While getting a good night’s sleep can be harder than it sounds, a night-time routine helps train your body to prepare for sleep. You can maximize your evenings by accomplishing low-level tasks (such as laying out your clothes for the next day) and getting your body (and brain) ready for bed. 

Getting a good night’s sleep can be harder than it sounds. A night-time routine helps train your body to prepare for #sleep. #habits #healthylivingHere are 5 tricks to create a night-time routine: 

  1. Eat Early

Did you know that eating late can cause your heart rate to increase and make it harder to fall asleep? Try to knock out dinner by 7 p.m. so you have time to digest and unwind before bed. Consider meal prepping on Sunday’s so you don’t have to spend time cooking dinner during the week. 

  1. Review Tomorrow’s Calendar

Don’t get surprised by a meeting or deadline the morning of. Review your calendar and to-do list each night. This practice will help reduce your anxiety because you will wake up feeling prepared and ready to take on the day the next morning. You’ll also give your brain some extra time for problem-solving and decision making. 

  1. Lay Out Your Clothes

The evenings are a great time to accomplish low-level tasks that don’t require much thinking. This is why laying out your clothes the night before is such a great idea. You can limit the decisions you have to make in the morning and outsmart decision fatigue by moving this task from your morning routine into your evening one. Also consider limiting your work wardrobe choices altogether: Barack Obama only wore a palette of light and gray suits during his presidency. 

  1. Put the Phone Away

Not only does scrolling through Instagram waste tons of time, it also keeps you awake. The blue light from your phone tricks your brain into thinking it’s earlier than it is. Schedule catch-up calls and texts for earlier in the evening, and make sure to limit this screen time to avoid losing track of time. 1 to 3 hours before bed, put your phone on the charger far away from you and forget about it.

  1. Practice Gratitude

In the moments before bed, take 10 minutes to write down things you are grateful for in a gratitude journal. Practicing gratitude can transform your perspective and is a great daily reminder to be thankful for the little things. 

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