How to Comfort a Loved One Through a Difficult Diagnosis

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Relationships + Sex

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Receiving a diagnosis for a serious and life-threatening illness or health condition can be very scary indeed, even for the strongest of us. If one of your relatives has just received some bad news regarding their health, you will no doubt want to do all that you can to help and support them. However, it can be difficult knowing exactly what to say to those who are going through a tough time with medical treatment and some people find that they can unwittingly put their foot in it by saying the wrong thing. Make sure you aren’t one of them by taking note of the following things that you should say to someone who has just received a bad diagnosis.


I’m Always Here For You


Firstly, make sure you let the individual know that you will always be there for them. Being given such a serious diagnosis can make some people feel very lonely as they might not know anyone who is in a similar situation to them. Because of this, they may feel like they can’t talk to anyone about what they are going through. If you let them know that you’ll always be there for them no matter what, then they may feel a lot more inclined to bring up any issues that they might be having and will be a lot more inclined to talk to you about things.


I’ll Help You Find The Support You Need


Some people struggle to get the right kind of medical attention, treatment, and medicine that they need once they fall ill. This is usually the case if their regular family doctor doesn’t have much experience with the health condition that they have been diagnosed with. Waiting for a referral to a specialist physician could take a long time too. So, you might want to help your relative by searching the right kind of medical support for them. If they require hospice care, you can see RoseRock Healthcare here for an idea of what is available. It could also be worth getting in touch with some charities as they might have the contacts that you need.

Comfort a Loved One Through Difficult Diagnosis PIN


We’ll Get Through This Together


You should also let your relative know that you will be by their side every step of the way. Again, this will let them know that they aren’t alone and you will always be on hand if they ever need any extra support. Make sure that you are always available to go with them to any checkups and hospital appointments so that they don’t have to face anything else on their own.


Let Me Know If You Need Anything


Some people who are suffering from a serious health condition don’t want to be a burden on their friends and families. Let your relative know that this isn’t the case and that they should always reach out to you if they ever need anything. This could be anything, from help with their grocery shopping to a friendly face to talk to.


In what most consider one of the most stressful and unsure times in their life, your loved one will appreciate your genuine support and love. Listen to their needs and be sensitive to their feelings.


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In what most consider one of the most stressful and unsure times in their life, your loved one will appreciate your genuine support and love. #PhysicalWellness #HealthyLiving