People are starting to take more notice of mental health issues–such as anxiety, for example–and there has been a lot more research into the causes of anxiety and how we can treat it.

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There are some well tested mediations and talking therapies that have been proven to help with anxiety but we’re also seeing more alternative therapies as we understand more about anxiety.

These are some of the groundbreaking treatments for anxiety that researchers are currently looking into.


One of the major issues with mental health treatment is the lack of funding. That means that a lot of people that need help are on long waiting lists before they can get access to talking therapies and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).

But now researchers are trying to tackle that issue by making these services available through apps that people can use any time they like. This is so important because early intervention is key to tackling anxiety issues before they get out of hand. E-Couch is just one great tool that can help people with all sorts of different mental health issues.

You begin by filling out a questionnaire and then it will assess the issues you’re having and suggest treatments which are available on the app as well. There are programs for generalized anxiety, social anxiety, depression, and stressful life events.

While it might not be quite as successful as some of the established talking therapies, it’s instantly available and as the technology develops, it could be a great solution for a lot of people that are struggling with their mental health.

Connecting with Your Body

While mental health issues primarily impact your mind, they can have a lot of physical effects on the body as well. There is more focus on understanding those effects on the body and learning how to control them at the moment. Both the physical effects and the mental effects of anxiety feed into one another so a better understanding of both is the way toward more effective treatments.


This is a very controversial treatment and there is still a lot of debate about whether it’s effective or not. But now that it’s being legalized in a lot of countries–including many statesin the US–scientists can do more research into the beneficial effects for people with anxiety.

There are now online stores shop weed dispensaries (although most are currently outside the US) and some products are specifically designed for anxiety. They’re available in a lot of different forms like sweets, for example, so you don’t need to smoke if you’re worried about the negative health effects of that.

It impacts everybody in a different way but many say that it does help with their anxiety.

Hormone Levels

Research into the different causes of anxiety has shown that hormones can have an impact, especially in women. Researchers are looking into this and trying to find ways that they can manage hormone levels as well as structuring existing treatments like talking therapies around a person’s hormone levels. The hope is that those therapies will be more effective if we take hormones into account as well.

All of these things are in the early stages of research but some of them could provide very effective treatments for anxiety in the future.