It’s not uncommon to have some apprehension or anxiety about seeing the doctor. It’s the old “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy. If you don’t know about it, it can’t hurt you. Unfortunately, this isn’t true for our health at all. The less we know, the worse we could let the invisible issues lurking under the surface become. As such, here are some medical tests that all women should consider and why it’s so important to find the courage to go through with them. 

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Blood Pressure Tests

High blood pressure is a silent killer, increasing the risk of heart disease, kidney disease, and strokes that could feel like they strike out of nowhere. A lot of people have high blood pressure without realizing, as it is often symptomless. If it is found, then lifestyle changes such as improved exercise and diet could be enough to fix it alone, but there is also medication available.

Cancer Screening

There are a range of types of cancer that women are at more risk of developing. Besides learning to perform self-examinations, talking to your doctor about arranging the exams that catch the major ones is always wise. Through breast screening, cervical screening, and bowel cancer screening, if there are any cancerous growths, you’re much more likely to catch them at a stage during which they can be more effectively treated.

Hearing Tests

Though not as potentially life threatening as the others, if you’re suffering from age-related or noise-related hearing loss, you might not be aware. It can be a very gradual process, but a hearing test could identify it clearly and help you understand the full extent of any hearing loss you might be suffering. Hearing loss treatments and technologies are getting more advanced, with discrete and Bluetooth hearing aids making them more convenient than ever. Living with some form of hearing loss isn’t uncommon and is being made significantly better thanks to technological progress.

Bone Density Tests

50% of all women over 50 are at risk of developing osteoporosis, a condition in which the bones get thinner, meaning that it’s easier to seriously injure them than ever before. Bone density tests can find the early signs of osteoporosis quickly. Risk factors for osteoporosis, besides age and sex, also include cigarette smoking, poor nutrition, low estrogen levels, and chronic disease. 

Eye Tests

Like hearing loss, vision impairment gets worse gradually and is likely to continue getting worse if you continue straining your eyes without the proper treatment. An eye exam can help you clear up the subject, and your vision. Wearing glasses or contacts is much preferable to seeing your vision get steadily worse over time, after all. Vision tests are non-invasive and can easily be fit in a lunch break, too, so there are no needles or probes to fear. 

We’re better at treating hearing loss, at finding and eliminating cancer, and at treating chronic diseases than we have ever been before. Your chances of living a full life with illness or injury are much improved if you catch it sooner rather than later. Get your checkups!


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