Do you ever feel as if you’re stuck in a creative rut? Or worse, that you aren’t a creative person at all? Me too! As humans, we’re innately creative in our own ways, and sometimes we just need a little extra motivation and inspiration to boost our creativity.

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What better way to gather creative inspiration than from artists who devoted entire careers to thinking in unique ways. Salvador Dali, though eccentric and wild, was one of the most creative beings to ever walk the earth, and it is that which helped propel his successful career as one of the most prolific Surrealist artists ever.  Invaluable created a neat visual that outlines all the ways in which we can harness creativity the Dali way, and learn from the ways the artist approached this type of thinking.

From pushing boundaries to experimenting often, gather inspiration from the tips below.

In a creative rut? Gather creative inspiration from artists who devoted their entire careers to thinking in unique ways. #Creativity #SelfImprovement
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Find Inspiration and Boost Your Creativity with These Tips