3 Family Adventures for Families with Older Kids

by | Sep 2, 2018 | Parenting

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There are many guides on the internet dedicated to informing families, particularly young families, about how to bond and spend time with one another. However, not all families still have small children. After all, kids grow!

As your kids get a little older, there are still some lots great opportunities available to help your family bond. Of course, finding a more mature family adventure might be what you hope for, but experiencing something truly unique may take a little time to find.

The list below will help you identify some of those potential options, and help your family come together to forge memories you cherish.

Consider these choices for activities your entire family will enjoy:

Treasure Hunts

There are many fun treasure hunts put on by companies and public institutions alike, and they often take place across an entire city or environment. It can be fun to complete one of these, as it offers you an excuse to explore and shop as you think about the clues you find. It’s also a great way to get to know a city you’re not familiar with.

If you enjoy solving mysteries and puzzles completing a treasure hunt is a great fit. It also serves as a more-mature kid activity because it can be educational, and requires the ability to easily move around a city. No matter who you are, you’re sure to find some fun and freedom in finding the reward at the end of the hunt.

Seasonal events can also be wonderful, such as Christmas treasure hunts put on by a museum, or perhaps in a store as part of a promotional opportunity. (check Groupon for your area.)

Finding a family activity to enjoy once your kids become #tweens and #teens can sometimes be more difficult than when they were small. Try these 3 great ideas to get you started! #familyadventure

Escape Room

Escape rooms are so much fun! Your family will work to figure out the a puzzle within a certain time frame, and your reward is the ability to escape. Escape room activities have boomed over recent years, and for good reason. There are so many branded and individual differences in escape rooms available now, and they all require you bring the best of yourself to the effort to help you succeed. If you really want to raise the stakes, consider heading to a themed place, such as a horror or zombie farm. These will often feature paid actors who come to offer their best character acting and to really raise the fear to eleven.

My kids are both teens now, and we did our first escape room last year. We found a Groupon and took advantage of a discount because we weren’t quite sure what to expect. (If you’re looking for a bargain, Groupon or Ebates are both great places to start.) Every single one of us had so much fun, and we’ve done a few since. I highly recommend it!

Food Tours

Food or wine tours can be so much fun–especially for foodies! These seem to have become more popular lately, and they’re not hard to find. Regardless of what type of cuisine you favor, you’ll find something you love–or find a new favorite.

You can also create your own. You may try to find the best burger in New York, or perhaps try all the fine dining restaurants in your city by a particular date.

Food tours bring people together in a routinely relaxing social environment, help you sample the delicate artistry practiced by the best chefs, and might even help you and your kids develop a more mature palate. Your family might help you discover new tastes and you’ll get some quality bonding time in!

With these simple options, a family adventure you’ll ALL cherish is sure to be yours in more ways than one.

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Finding a family activity to enjoy once your kids become #tweens and #teens can sometimes be more difficult than when they were small. Try these 3 great ideas to get you started! #familyadventure