Dangers of Some of Our Healthy Lifestyle Choices

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Physical Health + Wellness

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No matter our age, situation, or motivation, we all follow certain tips in an effort to keep our health as good as it can be. You know the stuff; drink enough, sleep well, blah blah, blah. You’ve heard it all before. You got on top of healthy tips like those years ago. So, why are we repeating the same old stuff?

In truth, it’s because of worrying new evidence which suggests some of these healthy habits may not be as healthy as you think. Some experts believe efforts like these downright damage our health. That’s worrying given how much time and effort you’ve dedicated to these lifestyle changes.


The first thing to note is that the science behind each of the following pointers remains. Doing these common health-based things is as good for you as it ever was. But, as you’ll see, you may want to reconsider how you do them from now on. That way, you can eliminate these risks and still enjoy the benefits. But, without further ado, what are these ‘not-so-healthy’ methods we’re referring t? And, what you can you do to overcome the risks?

We’ll cover a few of these below.

BPA and Water Bottles

It’s no secret we should drink more water. For the most part, experts suggest we down roughly 2 liters a day to stay hydrated. Given that hydration impacts appearance and general health, that’s a goal many of us work toward.

If you’re health conscious, chances are you’ve even been carrying a water bottle in your bag for years. But worrying new evidence suggests that the plastic from your bottle could be doing more damage than those hydration benefits are worth. That’s because some plastic contains chemicals such as BPA and more. While the impact of these is minimal for one-time use, reusing bottles increases your risk of toxicity. The bottles begin to break down with excessive use and washing. Your water could then become pretty contaminated each day. That can lead to fertility issues and more.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should ditch the water. The act of drinking water in itself still works wonders for health. Just be aware, and perhaps change your bottle on a regular basis to avoid the problem. It’s also worth noting this issue is often more rife in the soft plastic bottles available in stores. Think, instead, about investing in a hard plastic alternative for ongoing use.

Mattress Dangers

It should also go without saying that a proper night’s sleep can work wonders from a health perspective. Getting the right amount of rest can help with everything from mental health to blood pressure. In short; it’s a benefit you simply can’t do without. That’s why many of us work to perfect our bedrooms, sleep routines, and even mattresses. But, your mattress well be luring you into a false sense of sleep security.

The sad fact is that our comfortable mattresses have also fallen foul to the toxic police. Many states have now banned and are protecting you from mattresses containing high levels of chemicals. But it’s still worth checking the small print to ensure your new mattress doesn’t contain PBDE. This is a toxin often found in this field, and can damage brain functioning, reproduction, and much more. When you consider that we spend around a third of our lives in bed, that’s concerning.

Admittedly, though, this isn’t always the case. It should be said the majority of our mattresses do not contain PBDE, and quality sleep is essential. Be aware and do your research so you can make an informed decision the next time you upgrade your mattress. It’s also worth sticking to the rule of changing your mattress every 7-10 years.

Potential risks loom in some of what we do to stay healthy. As we focus on the benefits to our lives, we need to consider the potential dangers. #HealthyLifestyle

Dishwasher Don’ts

Once, we had no choice but to wash our dishes by hand. Let’s face it; it wasn’t exactly the best way to keep things clean. Now, though, we have a wonderful invention known as the dishwasher. This is infinitely better for cleaning our kitchenware and improving our health. Or, so we thought. As you may have guessed, though, new evidence suggests otherwise.

The fact is that scrubbing by hand has the benefit of freeing you to rinse your dishes after you’ve cleaned them. In our dishwashers, however, we have to trust the machine to get all that soap off. And, you guessed it; they don’t always seem to do the job. To make matters worse, the majority of dishwasher detergents include pretty nasty chemicals. So, your efforts to keep those clean dishes healthy may result in your ingesting stuff you’d rather steer clear of.

The answer?

For one, you should seek a natural dishwasher cleaner which is sure not to do you any harm. You should also make sure not to rinse dishes before putting them in the machine. This may seem clean, but it results in a less effective result, and more risk of dishy damage. Instead, scrape off the big bits and leave all that gunk for the soap to work its magic on.

A Toxic Refresh

Lastly, let us consider good old deodorant. You don’t even need to be a health-conscious person to know the benefits of using this. We all want to smell clean, after all. What you might not realize is that typical spray antiperspirants include chemicals such as aluminum. As well as impacting the environment, this is thought to increase the risk of issues like breast cancer. So, you may smell healthy, but you won’t feel it. Your best bet, then, would be to either reduce the amount you use products like these or resort to roll on options. That way, you can smell good, and stay healthy at the same time.

Again, these are potential risks behind only a handful of the most common things we do to stay healthy. All of which, are good for us. But as we focus on the benefits to our lives, we also need to consider the potential dangers.

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Dangers of Some of Our Healthy Lifestyle Choices