12 Ways to Add Gratitude into Your Daily Life

by | Aug 19, 2018 | Self-Improvement

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A daily practice of gratitude can lead to both physical and mental health benefits. It causes a spiritual uplift as well. There are plenty of scientific studies that show the many positive ways the practice of gratitude can impact your life. Sometimes though, in our hectic lives, we don’t take the time to focus on all the things we have to be grateful for.

Random problems come out of nowhere, our negative emotions and daily tasks overwhelm us, a friend or family member makes us angry, or some other less-than-pleasant event occurs. Sometimes we simply forget or choose not to be grateful for the gifts we’ve been given.

The following list illustrates 12 ways to help you remember to practice gratitude daily, so you can receive the many mind, body, and spiritual benefits of gratefulness.

  1. Turn a negative into a positive. The next time something negative happens in your life, try to look at it differently. Look for some positive aspect of this negative occurrence or event. Oftentimes problems are wonderful opportunities for growth, and that is something you should be thankful for.
  2. Each morning, make yourself a promise to practice gratitude in some way that day.
  3. Look outside yourself, and see what others have done for you, rather than looking inwardly and giving yourself credit for the blessings in your life.
  4. Send handwritten thank-you notes to the important people in your life. Not only will this help you to be more grateful for these people in your life, but it will also let those who are special to you know how much you care about them.
  5. Find a gratitude partner. The two of you you can help each other stick to a daily gratitude practice.There are numerous positive ways the practice of #gratitude impacts our lives, but we often fail to slow down and really focus on the many things we have to be grateful for. These ideas will help you incorporate gratitude into your daily life.
  6. Find inspirational quotes of gratitude that resonate strongly with you, and refer to them often. You’ll find some great quotes in this post: 30 Inspiring Quotes About Gratitude.
  7. Use all five of your senses every single day to identify more of what you’re grateful for. Read this post about mindfulness for some ideas: 11 Ways to Be Mindful Without Meditating.
  8. Use sticky notes to place little “Be Grateful” reminders around your home and office to be more appreciative of.
  9. Call or visit a different person in your life once a week. Personally thank those around you for something they’ve done for you, or for simply being in your life.
  10. Develop a meditation practice. Meditation can improve your outlook, relieve stress, and help you find reasons to be grateful. If you’re new to meditation, give it a try. If you’ve practiced meditation before, try to develop a regular schedule.
  11. Start a gratitude journal. Record five to ten reasons you’re grateful each night before you go to bed. Remember, these don’t have to be profound statements of gratitude. They can be simple. The breeze outside, soft sheets, a yummy salad at lunch. Anything!
  12. Be consistent. Whether you write in your gratitude journal each evening or at some point during your day, try to be consistent by doing it at the same time each day.
Whether you write in your journal each evening, or at some point during your day, try to be consistent by doing it at the same time to add a bit of #gratitude to your daily life! Click To Tweet

As I mentioned above, be grateful for the small things; watching your favorite show on TV, your favorite fuzzy sweater, the bright green color of the grass. It doesn’t need to be a big, profound thing. Those little things matter too. ????

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  1. Rose

    check the book “A Simple Act of Gratitude” by John Kravit….. it impacted me very strongly

    • Ali Michelle

      I will do that. Thank you for the recommendation, Rose. 😊 – Ali


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12 Ways to Add Gratitude into Your Daily Life