Changes Your Body Goes Through When You Begin Exercising Regularly

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Physical Health + Wellness

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Sometimes it can be very challenging for most of us to stick to a routine when it comes to working out. All of us have at least once in our lives given up on some physical; activity after just a week or a month. We weren’t motivated enough to move on.

If you have recently decided to really make working out a regular part of your life and if you’re determined to live healthily, here’s your motivation. You will be more eager to exercise if you know what gradually happens to your body after you start with a regular workout.

The First Workout of a New Exercise Program

When you start a certain exercise program, your body will help you do the exercises more efficiently. First of all, your cardio-respiratory system will work faster, and the digestive system will slow down. You’ll receive more blood to your head so that you’re more alert and less aware of the pain.

After one hour of exercise, your body will try to save energy, meaning it will send blood to the muscles that are under the most pressure. Of course, this differs whether you’re doing cardio or weight training.

One hour after you’re done with the workout, your body will start going back to its normal state. In time, the longer you work out regularly, the better your body will be at returning to its resting state.

In other words, everything that was slowed down will speed up and vice versa.


A  Few Days After the First Workout

While you exercise, your muscles experience a lot of micro-trauma. This usually results in DOMS – delayed-onset muscle soreness, which you’ll start feeling the next day. You will definitely experience it after the first workout and maybe a couple of them that follow, but in general, DOMS doesn’t happen after every session.

The reason for this is that your body gets adapted to this dynamic after some time. Many people are unsure whether they should exercise while still experiencing DOMS. The shortest answer would be – if the pain doesn’t prevent you from doing certain movements, then continue with your regular routine.

Three days after the exercise, your body could still have an increased metabolic rate. Even after 45 minutes of a highly intensive physical activity, your metabolic rate could be 40% higher through the next 14 hours.

The Next Few Weeks

After one week of regular exercise, mitochondria in your body will multiply. It will enable your body to produce more energy. Mitochondria are a part of your cells that convert fat, protein and carbs into energy your body needs. You are also likely to experience more self-confidence. People suffering from depression could have fewer depression symptoms. 

Somewhere between 2 and 4 weeks into the program, you will start noticing changes in your fitness and strength. In case your goal is to lose weight and you have also been eating healthy food, you will notice your weight has been reduced. During 6-8 weeks into the program, your mitochondria level could increase up to 50%. In other words, you will feel you have more energy throughout the day and your endurance lasts longer. For example, if you regularly run 3 miles, you’ll now be able to do it faster and you won’t feel as tired as before.

If your exercise program is more focused on your strength, then your muscles will become bigger and take shape. Of course, you can’t expect that everything you don’t like about your body will disappear due to exercise. Maybe there are things you could more efficiently correct with cosmetic procedures, which is perfectly ok. Just make sure you continue with the program, just the way you did for the past 6 weeks.

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9 Months of Regular Exercise and Further

If your aim is to increase your cardio, then you’ll notice a 25% increase in VO2 max. It is a measure of fitness that tells you to what extent your body can transport oxygen to the muscles. In other words, when your VO2 max is 25% higher, this means you can run 20% faster in the same amount of time.

After one year, you will reduce the risk of osteoporosis because your bones will get denser. More precisely, if you combine aerobic exercise with resistance training, you could completely reverse the effects of osteoporosis.

Overall Benefits

The more you keep on with regular workout, the more benefits you’ll feel and notice.

First of all, your bank account will also rip the benefits. One research has shown that elderly people who have regular exercise 5 times a week also save around $2,500 annually. The reason is they don’t have to pay for medical services connected to the heart issues as often as those who don’t exercise regularly.

You will also reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, dementia, arthritis, as well as some types of cancer, for example, colon and breast cancer.

In general sense, you will almost definitely live a longer and fuller life if you stick to regular exercise. You will reduce the levels of everyday stress and anxiety, which is highly beneficial in itself. Stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, will be generally lower and you will be far less prone to depression. All of this definitely helps you have a quality life.

It goes without saying that all the benefits stated depend on the intensity, frequency and type of the exercises you do. You also mustn’t neglect a balanced, healthy diet to accompany the workout program. It is necessary to take at least two days in a week to build your muscles through resistance or weight training. It will also improve your speed and resistance. Bear in mind that you should start slowly with the program and don’t push yourself too hard. Listen to what your body is telling you. Otherwise, you could get seriously injured for a longer period of time.

Final Comment

The more you exercise, the fitter you’ll be and you’ll feel more energized. It will then motivate you to keep on, which is a great circle to be in.

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Changes Your Body Goes Through When You Begin Exercising Regularly