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by | Sep 12, 2018 | Parenting

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Being a parent means you no longer live a normal life. Well, at least not in the sense that people without children are. Your priorities are completely different than your pre-baby days. You have to keep one eye on your little one, and the other eye on whatever else you’re doing.

In the back of your mind, thoughts of protecting and caring for your children are bouncing around freely. Technology companies know this, and have created specially designed products that make life easier, and provide peace of mind, for parents.

The number of things you can accomplish while your children are with you are limited. They need to be fed, they need naps, etc. Although they seem like a bundle of energy in the morning, by late afternoon they’re going to be knocked out cold snoring in their car seat–or they’ll be ridiculously crabby!

Traveling long distances, staying up late, doing physically active things are just some of the activities parents need to plan ahead for based on what their children can manage. So, before you go, take these things with you to help protect your kids from some of what we might take for granted.

Technology has provided us with specially designed products to protect children while providing peace of mind for parents. Explore these products to protect your child's hearing, eyes, and safety. #parenting

Environment Volume Control

One of the best things about parenthood is passing on your likes and cultural customs to your children. Taking them to see live concerts and theater productions, for example, is likely to have a huge impact on them. Who knows–they may end up forging a great love for the performing arts and want to pursue a career in a field that reflects that.

Taking them to these types of performances while they’re young is a great idea but the events can be loud and damaging to little ears. Products providing baby ear protection allow you to control the sound and volume they hear. Many concerts and events are simply too loud for children to enjoy. We’ve all seen kids with their hands over their ears because of loud noise.

The same applies to theater productions as the music and sound effects tend to be sudden and loud for emotive effect. Lucid Audio’s Hearmuffs are a great product, are well-priced, and are pretty stinkin’ adorable. They allow little ones to watch, hear, and experience what’s going on without damaging their eardrums in the process.

Keeping Track of Them

It’s hard not to be a bit irrational with our fears for our children–especially when we hear of little ones getting lost or being kidnapped somewhat often. On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with being proactive about protecting your child. You want to keep them close and prevent them from getting lost or straying too far, right?

Think about this scenario: you take your child to the park or the playground, and you may be sitting in the grass or on a bench nearby enjoying the beautiful day as they play, They may wander off chasing after a ball, a balloon, a bug, or any other little thing that peaks their interest during the few seconds you take your eyes off them. There are products available to provide you with a little extra protection and peace of mind.

You may want to buy them a GPS wearable that comes in the form of a watch, for example. To them, it’s just a cool watch, but these little devices have some awesome features. Many have a camera you can access via an app along with the ability to track their movements on a map.

These would also be useful for an older child walking to and from school, at soccer practice, or maybe at the mall with friends. Some GPS watches also have 2-way voice ability so you can communicate with them directly. These devices are super simple to use, tend to stay attached to the child more than a phone might, and are generally not too expensive.

Those Little Eyes

When your little ones are outside, their eyes can sometimes begin to hurt from the sun’s rays. We warn children not look directly into the sun but they still do. In fact, telling them not to do something tends to encourage them to do exactly what you don’t want them to do!

Buy a pair of sunglasses that have been specially designed for toddlers and protect their little eyes from damaging ultraviolet rays. A bright color scheme and light frames might encourage them to leave them on, and a strap will keep them from falling off too easily while they’re running around and playing. Sunglasses should also be super easy to keep in the car or in your bag for those moments you find yourself needing them.

In this day and age, just giving your kids a smartphone is not always enough and phone simply isn’t feasible. The products above are just a few examples of what’s available to help us keep an eye on our kids. A simple pair of UV-protective sunglasses goes a long way in allowing toddlers to enjoy the sunny outdoors without harming their delicate and developing eyes. Ear protection is great for kids with sensitive hearing, and gps trackers are a great tool enabling us to be aware of what our children are doing without being a hovering smother!

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Technology has provided us with specially designed products to protect children while providing peace of mind for parents. Explore these products to protect your child\'s hearing, eyes, and safety. #parenting