Are you struggling with hearing loss?

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Physical Health + Wellness

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Over a lifetime our bodies start to need a little more care and attention and our senses are certainly areas where we have to pay careful attention – eyesight and hearing in particular. Naturally you’ll want to make sure you have regular check-ups and talk to your healthcare specialists if you have specific concerns. If you’ve found yourself struggling a little to hear and you’re not sure if you need to go and seek help, we’ve trawled the best of the health and lifestyle bloggers to help you figure out if you might need a little help with your hearing. Learn more here. If you’re experiencing either of the following symptoms make sure you book an appointment as soon as you can, while it might be daunting there are many options in place for people experiencing hearing loss and getting your sounds back will be a great relief in the long run.

Conversation Passes You By

You start off ok but when there are two or more people in the conversation you struggle to hear what’s being said and find it impossible to differentiate between speakers. This is often one of the first signs that your hearing might be affected and is a frustrating one, particularly if you are working or socializing with friends and family. It is also a symptom that your loved ones will probably pick up first, unless you’re a great actor and can mask the fact that you’ve lost the thread of the conversation. In these situations you will also be left feeling worn out and frustrated as the effort to follow along becomes a grueling mental challenge. You may also find yourself having to ask for words to be repeated, which again can be immensely frustrating. Struggling to hear conversations and always turning up the volume? You may be struggling with hearing loss.

Turning Up the Volume

You’ve probably had your television set at the same level for as long as you can remember but little by little the volume button is creeping up and up and you’re finding that it’s still not as clear as you would like. Naturally, if you live with someone else in your home this can cause problems so listen to your family members if they tell that you’ve got the volume too loud and address the problem as soon as you can, at the very least for the sake of family harmony. While it might be scary to admit that hearing loss is happening to you, it doesn’t have to be something that is either permanent or untreatable. In the vast majority of cases, with a little specialist advice, you should be able to find solutions that work well for you. You might be given the option of an in ear hearing aid or even a follow-up appointment to have your ear passages checked and cleaned. Whatever you do, don’t try anything invasive in your own ear canal, it can just make matters worse.Instead, get checked over and begin to take back control of your health. Look forward to being able to keep-up in conversations and maintaining the peace in your home with the volume set at a reasonable level.

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Struggling to hear conversations and always turning up the volume? You may be struggling with hearing loss.