We all go through tough times in life, whether it’s something that lasts a few days or much longer. It’s often difficult to cope when things are hard, and it can feel like a struggle to make it through. However, with the right techniques to make things more manageable, you can feel like it’s easier to deal with anything that comes your way. That’s what we call resiliency.

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No matter what is making your life tough, you can seek out support or change the way you approach your problems. Take a look at some of these recommendations for changing how you tackle tough times.

Lean on Friends and Family

When you’re having a hard time, turning to the people who love you should be one of the first things you can do. It’s not always easy to open up to your friends and family, but they are often the first ones there when you really need support.

Think about who may be willing to listen to you when you have a problem or perhaps who may be able to offer more practical support for you. Maybe you’re not looking for advice, but it would definitely help if you had a friend to help you with grocery shopping, or cooking, or watching the kiddos for a couple hours so you can take a nap!

Join a Support Group

You might not be comfortable leaning on friends or family when you need support. Perhaps you feel you don’t have anyone that you can confide in, or you might feel they won’t understand. An alternative is to find other people you can talk to–therapists and people in support groups.

Joining a support group is a great way to share your experiences and get advice from people who are dealing with similar things. An online peer support group makes it easier for you to get support from anywhere. Online support groups can offer anonymity which can help to make you feel more safe and secure with sharing your struggles.

Focus on Self-care

When things are difficult, you can often tell yourself that you don’t have time–or maybe don’t deserve–to do things for yourself. You might feel like you have to keep going, especially when you have lots of things on your plate and you need to get stuff done. But it’s important to remember to take care of yourself, especially when things aren’t going so well. Self-care is essential, and it’s often the little things that can make a big difference. Making sure you get a good night’s sleep or taking some time to have a relaxing bath, taking a long walk, or simply getting your nails done can really change your ability to cope with things.

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Change Your Mindset

The way that you think about your problems can affect how well you are able to cope with them. Having the right mindset can make a big difference if you’re looking for things to help you deal with a tough time. Being positive and thinking about things in the right way might make your problems feel much easier to deal with. For example, focusing on how you’re going to deal with an issue directly rather than avoiding it can help you to move forward. This is also much more productive than spending your time thinking about how it might get worse or convincing yourself it will never get better.

Take a Step Back

Sometimes, you just need a break. It’s not always possible to get away from your problems, but there are often times when you are able to step back and look at everything from another perspective. For example, you might be able to take some time off work or you might be able to get some respite care to help you with your care duties for a while. Being able to take a break can mean that you can look at things more relaxed with a fresh perspective when you come back. It also provides you with time to consider things with less pressure.

Make a Plan to Change Things

Most of the time, there are times when you can take action and make a plan to change things. For example, perhaps things aren’t going so well at work. If you’re not happy, maybe it’s time to consider how you’re going to actually change your situation. It could mean talking to your boss about the problems you’re having or perhaps looking for a new job altogether. Taking steps to make some changes in your life gives you more control over the situation.

It’s hard to face tough times in your life, but there are effective ways to cope. Finding your own methods to handle your problems can help you to survive any hard times.

Share your thoughts: What other methods have you found effective when dealing with stressful times in your life?

6 Tips for Coping with Life During Tough Times