We’ve all heard the myths or old wives’ tales around sex, but is there actually some truth behind them? Since the first time we started learning about sex, these beliefs have been engrained in our heads and we may even swear by some of them. 

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Here are some of the more popular sex tales throughout history that you’ve probably heard some sort of variation of. Let’s debunk them!

1. You lose your virginity by tearing your hymen

Many people, especially men, believe that you can tell if a woman is a virgin if her hymen is still intact. However, a woman’s hymen can actually tear before she’s ever even had sex. It can tear from a gynecology exam, riding a bike, or any other type of physical activity. On the opposite spectrum, a woman’s hymen can stretch during intercourse, rather than tear. Therefore, a hymen is not a valid indicator of a woman’s sexual status, but asking her is.

2. Birth control will decrease future fertility

You may think that after years of being on a pill that prevents pregnancy that it will be harder to conceive once you’re ready. The truth is if you are on a form of birth control and stop, your fertility will go back to normal by your following cycle. Nevertheless, if you go off of birth control in your 30’s, you may not be as fertile as you were in your 20’s. This has more to do with the overall aging process, instead of the fact you’ve taken birth control for years.

We’ve all heard the #myths or old wives’ tales around sex, but is there actually some truth behind them? A little research goes a long way! #relationships #sex

3. You can control what gender baby you’ll have by the position you conceive in

For those who have their heart set on having a specific gender, you may have heard the tale that if you conceive standing you’ll have a boy and if you conceive lying down you’ll have a girl. This may be not-so-great news for those who want to control what gender they have, but there is no possible way to determine the gender based on the position you conceive in. Every position has an equal chance of creating either gender.

4. Women are less interested in sex than men

According to studies, women actually prefer sex just as much as men do. This has been a stereotype for women for centuries, but luckily women are becoming more vocal about their needs and desires. Although women do typically prefer an emotional connection during sex more than men do, this has nothing to do with their level of sexual desire. Over 53% of women would actually prefer more sex in their lives. So let’s all squash this outdated prerogative once and for all. 

5. You can contract an STI from a toilet seat

We’ve all heard the scary tale that you can contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI) from a toilet seat used by someone who was infected with an STI before you. Everyone, take a deep breath and relax because this is just simply not true. It’s nearly impossible to contract an STI from a toilet seat, like chlamydia or gonorrhea, as this would require direct contact between an infected person and yourself. So continue laying down a toilet seat covering or getting a good squat session in when you go to a public restroom, but have some peace of mind that you will not be contracting an STI this way.

We’ve all heard the #myths or old wives’ tales around sex, but is there actually some truth behind them? A little research goes a long way! #relationships #sex

6. Your vagina can get stretched out from too much sex

A vagina is an organ made up of many muscles that are designed to loosen and stretch for things like sex and childbirth. The tightness of your vagina has a lot more to do with anxiety and arousal than it does with how many times you’ve had sex. It tends to become more elastic when aroused and constrict when anxious. In this case, being “looser” is actually a compliment to your partner, so can this finally stop being a derogatory thing?

While there may be a sliver of truth to some of the rumors surrounding sex, those rumors have generally been greatly exxagerated, or are simply untrue. Do your research to determine if your beliefs may, in fact, be old wives’ tales!

6 Old Wives’ Tales About Sex — Do You Believe Them?