5 Things No One Tells You About Becoming a New Parent

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There is no doubt that becoming a parent creates a bit of turmoil and change in your life. You take on more responsibility and your time is no longer belongs to you. Your life now revolves around your little one’s every need. But along with the exhaustion, worry, and seemingly endless poop–comes a great deal of joy, pride, and love..

Read on to learn about some of the things you may not hear about nearly as often as other topics.

Breastfeeding is a Little Harder Than You Might Think

Many mothers are excited to start breastfeeding their newborn baby as it provides them with another way to create a strong bond. However, quite a few women underestimate just how difficult it can be. It can take a lot of practice for yourself and for your baby, but there are times a baby just won’t latch on. And that’s okay! It doesn’t mean you’ve failed as a parent in any way. It simply means your little one is just not a big fan of nursing. Some babies take to it; some don’t.

You have some options at that point–commit to pumping, or expressing, your milk or use formula to feed your baby. Both are healthy options. I used formula for both my boys by choice. My husband and I discussed it before they were born and agreed it was the best solution for us. And our boys have grown into healthy teenagers!

Formula, such as Formuland formula, is a great option as a backup to breastfeeding as well. Keeping some on hand may provide you with a little peace of mind knowing that your baby won’t starve if for some reason you’re unable to breastfeed.

Postpartum Depression is Common

People are far more aware of postpartum depression, than they have been in the past. It was once thought postpartum depression and anxiety only affected a handful of new moms. Research shows that it affects a lot more new parents–both moms and dads.

If you do feel in a low mood after your baby’s birth, it’s important to let your spouse and your doctor know. Postpartum depression is often a temporary condition with a wide range of treatments available. Some cases are fairly mild and you may begin to feel better with some behavior modification. Others need medicine to get help them feel better.

Regardless of how serious your depression is, talking with someone is incredibly important and your depression is nothing to be ashamed of. You and your body are under a great deal of stress after birth, to say the least. Postpartum depression is a medical condition and no fault of your own.

Along with the exhaustion, worry, and seemingly endless poop of parenthood--comes a great deal of joy, pride, love--and advice. #parenting #newborn

Your Days Become Repetitive

Many women think they will be very busy once their new baby arrives. That’s true, but they don’t always realize the tasks they’ll be doing will be so repetitive.

This can become very boring, as there isn’t much change in the day-to-day life of a baby–at least as a newborn. They eat, they sleep, they pee, and they poop. And every now and then, a bath. Repeat. Initially, changing diapers feels like it takes up your entire day. It’s boring and repetitive, but it needs to be done! Nope, they don’t sleep for as long as you’d like them to, but things become very routine for a while after their born. Enjoy it while it lasts, they grow far too fast.

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You’ll Receive a Lot of Unsolicited Advice

Receiving advice as a new parent can sometimes feel like a bit of attack on your parenting skills; as if.you’re not doing something right. Even though most people giving you advice do so with plenty of good will, it may still come across as patronizing. Unfortunately, this is just something you need to get used to.

New parents find themselves doubting their parenting skills much of the time. Prepare yourself for the unsolicited advice you’ll receive, and try not to take it personally. Consider the advice, then move on. You’ll hear suggestions you want to try, and you’ll hear suggestions you’ll dismiss.Parent your little one as YOU choose to. And keep this in mind–if your baby’s needs and wants aren’t being met–they WILL let you know!

Strengthens Your Partnership

You will spend a lot of time bonding with your new baby, but what most new moms don’t expect is that they will also bond a lot with their partner as well. It’s you two against that tiny baby. And sometimes, that tiny baby wins.

The two of you have a new shared responsibility and are embarking  on the journey of parenthood together. Being a new parent is like nothing you’ve experienced together thus far.

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5 Things No One Tells You About Becoming a New Parent