5 Surprising Symptoms of Depression You May Not Be Aware Of

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Mental Health

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Depression can manifest itself in many different ways. Sometimes you may experience low mood and irritableness, and other days you may find it hard to wake up in the morning. There are some other somewhat-surprising symptoms of depression, you may not be as familiar with.

Below are just a few of the more common symptoms we don’t readily expect as symptoms of depression.




Physical pain is very common in those who have depression. You may experience back pain, joint pain and even limb pain as well. This can lead to chronic pain if you do not get it treated. There are also plenty of studies that show the link between pain and depression is a shared pathway and that the more severe the depression is, the more painful the symptoms are. For this reason, if you experience back pain more often than not then don’t brush it off. This could be a red flag and depression may be lurking right beneath the surface.

 There are many symptoms that signify #depression. Some, however, are less common and may be somewhat surprising. #bipolar #MentalHealthMatters



If you feel as though the slightest trigger is enough to send you into a fit of rage or if you find that you feel grouchy a lot, then this could be a sign of depression. Research shows that those who are highly depressed are more likely to experience emotions like this, so it is worth considering that if you do suspect that you are struggling with the disorder.


Alcohol Use


One drink after a very long day may help you to take the edge off, but if you are drinking a few

alcoholic beverages every single night then it could be more than a hard day at work driving this. Heavy drinking and depression does have a link, but it is complex. Some people may pick up a drink to try and cope with their depression, or they may do it to try and mask the feelings of it.


Heavy alcohol use may actually trigger a depressive episode, and if you are struggling with this it may be time to seek help from a medical doctor or mental health professional. TMS treatment may also be an option.


Weight Changes


Rapid weight loss or even weight gain can be associated with depression. Depression can make you feel as though you are never hungry, and it can also take away your appetite as well. You may get to the point where you can’t stand the idea of food and this can make you feel tired and more lethargic than normal. Remember that it really is normal for you to crave comfort food when you are under a great deal of stress, but if this results in weight loss or even weight gain on a regular basis then seeking professional help is most certainly an option.




Depression can really affect your ability to concentrate. Depressive brain fog is incredibly frustrating and can be downright frightening at times. You may not be able to make decisions like whether or not you want a coffee, and at times you may feel paralysed as well. This is because depression really does affect your own cognitive process, not to mention that it can also impact your lifestyle as well.

The symptoms above are not, of course, an all-inclusive list of symptoms. The symptoms associated with depression are widespread and range from the more common depressive mood to the less common brain fog, and much more. Your depression is yours and yours alone. It won’t look exactly like anyone else’s. If you’re unsure of your symptoms may be signs of depression, please seek help from a mental health professional. 

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5 Surprising Symptoms of Depression You May Not Be Aware Of