Many of us put off visiting the doctors even when we have a health concern. Such health concerns can then go untreated and can gradually get worse. Here are just a few of the common excuses people make for not visiting the doctor and why you shouldn’t let any of these come in the way of your health.  

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‘I have no time to see a doctor’

Many walk-in clinics are only open on weekdays from 8 until 6. This means that many people can’t visit these clinics without taking time off work. Fortunately, there are now so many other health services available that can help people to get around this. These include 24 hour walk in clinics and doctors that are able to visit your workplace. As for prescriptions, you can have these ordered to your home rather than having to pick them up. This means that you can work it around your schedule.

‘I can’t afford it’

Treatment can be expensive, but there are now multiple forms of funding to make this more affordable. If you’re not insured, you may be able to ask about payment plans on certain treatments. There are also interest free borrowing methods for medical expenses. On top of this, there are also advocacy services for those on a low income – such services may be able to negotiate the cost of treatment for you so that no matter your financial situation you can get access to treatment.

#HopeHealGrow | We tend to make a lot of excuses for not visiting the doctor--particularly women. Don't let excuses get in the way of your health. #HealthyLiving

‘I don’t trust doctors’

If you’ve had a bad experience with a doctor, you may be less trusting of healthcare services. However, it’s important to realise that there are good doctors out there – otherwise nobody would ever get treated. It may be a case of seeing a specialist such as an ENT doctor for a hearing problem. You may even be able to look up specialist doctors online to get the best care.

‘I’m too embarrassed’

Some health problems can be embarrassing, but without treatment they can get worse. It’s important to realise that doctors are professionals that aren’t going to laugh at you. Doctors are also sworn to confidentiality, so only they have to know your embarrassing condition. You may be able to request seeing a doctor of the same sex if you feel that will help.  

‘It’s probably nothing. I’ll get better on my own’

If you’ve got a health concern, it’s always safe to get it checked out. While some do recover fairly quickly from a variety of conditions, if you’ve noticed a health issue getting worse, it’s likely to continue getting worse. Seeing a doctor sooner than later may allow you to get treatment early before things get serious. Treatment is also likely to be less invasive and less costly.

We’ve all used excuses at some point to avoid seeing a doctor, but more often than not, our suffering would have been less if we’d sought treatment sooner. It’s always better to seek treatment from a medical professional to determine the actual seriousness of your illness or injury.

#HopeHealGrow | We tend to make a lot of excuses for not visiting the doctor--particularly women.  Don\'t let excuses get in the way of your health.  #HealthyLiving