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There is a difference between dreams and fantasies. Dreams are based in reality and ideas you can actually take action upon, whereas fantasies are far more extreme and impossible. So are you are dreamer or in a fantasy? It is time to stop dreaming and start acting and make your dreams a reality?

Why It’s Time to Stop Dreaming

Is there any better time than now?

It can be difficult to the make the first steps towards your dreams. This hesitation can be can be caused by a multitude of reasons, such as:

  • Fear of failure/rejection
  • Past experience
  • Lack of confidence/self-worth
  • No support system
  • No direction
  • Lack of knowledge

Many of these reasons are related closely to your mindset and the perception you have of yourself and your current situation. These feelings can be crippling and keep you stuck where you are because your dreams seem so far away, impossible and unachievable.

But what are the consequences of not working towards your dreams?

Ultimately, dreaming and not taking action towards them can leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled because your values aren’t being met, and your life is not aligned with your inner self. An aligned life means a happy life and taking risks and steps towards your dreams is a way to build a fulfilled life.

An aligned life means a happy life. Taking risks and steps towards your dreams is a way to build a more fulfilling life.Click To Tweet

How to Start Mindfully Acting Towards your Dreams

On that note, here are some mindful techniques you can use to start taking action towards your dreams and creating a life you love. What you need to know is that your dreams are achievable, you just need to make small changes to your mindset, actions and perception to get the ball rolling.

  1. Accountability

Stop blaming others for anything and everything. When you blame everyone else for your actions, consequences and the feelings they cause, you are not in control of your life. You become a victim of your situation.

Therefore, take accountability for your actions, any consequences and the feelings that you have. Own them. An excellent place to start is to look at your life right now:

  • How did you get there?
  • What decisions did you make that lead you right here, right now?
  • Who has helped your or hindered you?
  • Why did you make these choices?

This small analysis will help you understand yourself and your previous motivations in life. Now you have this insight, you can take accountability for the past and your present choices. You are in control of all of your decisions and you should start mindfully making them for yourself and making sure you follow through.

Not only are you accountable in the decisions you did make, you are also accountable for the moves you didn’t make. This is why accountability is a huge concept to mindfully integrate into life to start making progress.

For example, you didn’t go to that workout session because someone asked you to do something for them, you chose them over yourself and decided the workout was too much to do. You need to be much more aware of your thoughts and actions when it comes to your dreams and hold yourself accountable for success and failure.

Simply dreaming rather than taking action can leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled as your life is not aligned with your inner self and #values. #SelfImprovement #goals

  1. Self-Love

As you saw from the list previously, you’re probably afraid to take steps towards your dreams because you lack confidence, lack self-worth and have no self love. This is a great place to start to mindfully act towards your dreams right now. When you love and trust yourself, you believe in your ability, you know your strength and you have complete confidence. We all deserve this.

Self love needs to be practiced every day so that it can build and grow and fill yourself with love. Use positive affirmations daily to override your negativity that you direct towards yourself:

I am ugly/fat/untalented. Instead I am beautiful/talented/brave/smar

I am worthless. Instead sayI am worthy and enough

These should be the truth you know about yourself, not what others have made you feel or memories have effected you. Love yourself for the beautiful person you are and you can begin to mindfully take action towards you goals and dreams.

  1. Put Yourself First

Seems straight forward enough, but think about how many times a day you do things for other people when it is not in your best interest or takes energy away from you. This is especially difficult for people pleasers. So stop trying to please everyone and please yourself.

Putting yourself and your dreams first is hard when we live in a society that has so many expectations for everyone. So how can you expect the reach goals if you are spreading yourself thinly and trying to keep up with everyone else?

Choose yourself, this comes with self love too, because you know the value of your time and energy. Choose yourself because you do not want to be distracted and want you to achieve your dreams. This ensures that you have the maximum opportunity to succeed when you are fully committed and invested in yourself.

  1. Embrace Failure

Your perception and reaction to any failure is essential when trying to take action towards your dreams. Failure can feel like the end, as though all your efforts are useless and pointless and most of us tend to give up.

Its time to forget the negative feeling of failure, yes it hurts and feels like a set back, but what it offers us is opportunity. Failure is the opportunity to learn, grow, change your ideas, and realise new, more effective plans. Without failure, how will you learn? Everyone experiences it, it is how you move on that is important.

This also means you begin to build a growth mindset. An all new perspective of failure also means an all new perspective of yourself: that you are not a failure, you are just not there yet. This mindful technique means you can start making astounding progress towards your dreams because you understand the importance of learning and growing to succeed.

  1. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Finally, stepping out of your comfort zone! Often, your comfort zone is exactly what keeps you stuck because it offers safety, security and familiarity. It is hard to leave that behind and face failure and challenges when we do not know the outcome.

Therefore, taking small steps, or one large one if you prefer, is key to taking action. Be mindful in your choices to take risk, accept challenges, and look for opportunity to take those steps of progress out of your comfort zone.

In conclusion, all of these steps are only the beginning to achieving your dreams and being mindful in your perception of yourself and your choices. The ability to succeed is inside of you, you just have to decide to make the changes and start acting.

Author Bio

Brittany is the mind behind and the creator of The Boldly Blog. Her goal is to inspire young women to start their personal development journey for their own self-development and self-discovery. Most importantly, she wants everyone to feel free to invest in themselves and their goals and be their true selves, unapologetically.



5 Mindful Techniques to Stop Dreaming, and Start Acting