5 Easy Habits to Keep Your Home a Clean, Tidy, Stress-Free Haven

by | Sep 18, 2018 | Self-Improvement

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Everyone wishes their home were cleaner and tidier. Having a clean, tidy home usually leads to lower-stress living. The problem is that life often gets in the way. When we’re crunched on time, home tidiness is usually one of the first things to fall by the wayside. Here are some super-easy habits you can adopt to make this elusive dream a reality. 

Never stand around in the kitchen.

Think about all the things you do in the kitchen that take a few minutes, such as boiling water for pasta, making coffee, or waiting for the oven to come to temperature. If you get in the habit of never standing around in the kitchen waiting for stuff to happen, and instead using those few minutes to perform a simple cleaning/organization task, you’ll make progress little by little. For example, while you wait for your water to boil to make tea, unload the dishwasher. Easy peasy. 

Deal with mail every single day.

It’s shocking how much clutter mail can create in just a week or two of inattention. Making sure you open important mail and trash junk mail every day can help you reduce that clutter in a matter of minutes. Also, if you open mail every day, it’ll make other aspects of your life more organized (think bills). Check here for tips on managing that stack of mail. 

It’s hard to live a stress-free life if your home is a constant mess. Small daily habits take little effort, but their cumulative effect will help you maintain a life with less stress. #stress #habits

Clean for a short time every day.

The main reason most people can’t keep a clean house is that they don’t have eight free hours (even on weekends) to devote to cleaning, and they never will. The good news is that you don’t need eight hours in one day to properly clean your home. All you need is 20 minutes a day. Check out this cool schedule for what you should spend 20 minutes on every day for a whole month. By the end, you should have a system in place to keep things from getting out of hand. Don’t forget some commonly neglected cleaning tasks like cleaning baseboards, behind appliances, and inside your cabinets. 

Always be carrying something from room to room.

This is one of those habits that may seem too incremental, but will have a huge impact on your home’s overall tidiness. If you leave a room, make sure you’re not empty-handed. For example, if you leave your bedroom, do it with that empty glass of water so you can take it to the kitchen. Don’t leave the bathroom without first picking up a dirty towel to take to the laundry room. 

“Every time you touch an object to move it from one place to another you are using up precious time and energy so make that extra little effort to put it directly away,” says Clean and Scentsible.

Keep utility baskets in every room.

For the best tidiness results, everything in your home should have a designated place. But this rarely meshes with reality. For most of us, there will be some objects—a kid’s toy, a magazine, a pet’s bone—that simply do not have a place to live. Give every object in your home a real place to live by putting stylish utility baskets in every room. It’s amazing how a few items sitting on the floor or on a coffee table will add to clutter, but those same items all thrown into a basket will seem neat and organized. 

It’s hard to live a stress-free life if your home is a constant mess. Home tidiness is not some task that has to be done every once in a while. It’s about developing habits that, simply by their existence, ensure your home never gets out of hand. Each of these habits on their own may not seem like much, but their cumulative effect will surprise you. 


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It’s hard to live a stress-free life if your home is a constant mess. Small daily #cleaning habits take little effort, but their cumulative effect will help you maintain a life with less frustration and stress. #stress #habits