3 Ways to Overcome Your Negative Vices

by | Aug 31, 2018 | Self-Improvement

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Everyone has one or two things in their life which they like a little too much. Whether you play video games for entire evenings or like to drink until you’re silly each night, these vices will almost always have a negative impact on the rest of your life. Things will usually start completely innocently, with moderation being key, but it won’t take long to devolve into something a lot harder to overcome if you don’t stay strict with yourself. It doesn’t have to be an addiction or something you can’t control; sometimes it’s just hard to stop. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to solve issues like this, giving you a huge piece of your life back, while also helping you to never lose it again.


This all has to begin with some thinking. Before you can solve an issue, you have to identify it, and a lot of people struggle to see the negative side of their vices until things go too far. To turn the tables on this, you need only compare yourself to someone you respect. If they were going down the same path, you probably wouldn’t admire them as much anymore, and this is a clear sign that you need to make a change. If you need help seeing the bad sides of your obsessions, it could be worth talking to those close to you about it.

Work To Solve It

Once you have an idea of the negative vices in your life, you will be ready to start finding solutions to them. This has to be a combination of two things; your own ideas and those other people have tried before. Starting with the latter, there are loads of support websites around the web which can help you with this sort of problem. People who have overcome their vices will be happy to share advice, and it is almost always worth taking seriously. Along with this, though, you should also try things for yourself. A hobby, for example, should always be something which you will love, and can be used as a good distraction from something you miss.

Everyone has one or two things in life they like a little too much. Learn effective strategies to avoid your negative vices and overcome them!

Getting Some Support

Of course, along with the help you get from other people online, there will often come a time when some professional support is needed. A lot of people struggle to go to their regular doctor at this stage, as this sort of professional will demand too much respect. Instead, it can often be better to go to a private company. Finding a service which can help you through a 12 step recovery system is one of the best places to start. These sorts of methods are proven to be successful, and can be a simple way to get yourself away from something that is dominating your life.

With any luck, the help in this post will be all you need to start making a difference when it comes to your vices. Like anything in life, moderation will often make something negative into nothing at all, but it will be hard to go back to simpler times when you’ve already let it get too far.


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Everyone has one or two things in life they like a little too much. Learn effective strategies to avoid your negative vices and overcome them!