In the wake of Marie Kondo, the world is tidying up. People are seeing the value in living simpler, more minimalist lives that are centered more around people and experiences and less around stuff. And if you’ve tried tidying up before, you were probably surprised by just how much stuff you actually have. It can be hard to keep track of everything — whether you’re moving, taking a home inventory, or just reducing clutter. The good news is that technology makes this part easy.

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There are a lot of great, free apps that can help you reduce clutter, clean up, and digitize your stuff. From apps that let you scan papers and turn them into PDFS to ones that help you sell old book or DVD collections, it’s never been easier to get organized.

Not sure where to start? The visual below covers 15 apps for taking home inventory, scanning documents, and decluttering. It gives a quick description of what the apps do, offers pro tips, and shows the app store rating so you can find one to perfectly fit your needs and workflow.

Happy decluttering!



15 Apps to Help You Declutter, Clean Up, and Digitize Your Life