12 Amazing Creatives Who Overcame Great Failures to Reach Their Dreams

by | Jan 23, 2019 | Self-Improvement

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We all go through failure. As much as we want to avoid it, when pursuing something of value that takes time and effort, there will inevitably be hardships and setbacks along the way. And though it may not seem productive at the time, failure is a necessary evil and a crucial part of goal achievement. Once you accept that nothing worthwhile will come easy and use failure as a learning experience, you can ultimately open new doors and learn helpful things along the journey.

We are not alone is our missteps. Famous artists, singers, writers, and entrepreneurs have had significant setbacks throughout their lives before ultimately reaching success. Did you know that Walt Disney filed for bankruptcy and wasn’t taken seriously for his Disney World concept? Or that J.K. Rowling was turned down from 12 major publishing houses for her Harry Potter books? Invaluable created the neat infographic below that showcases various individuals who we look up to and the setbacks they had to overcome before ultimately striking it big.

Use it as inspiration the next time you feel defeated, and set out to accomplish your goals regardless.

Overcoming #failure is a natural part of #success. Rather than viewing it as an excuse to stop, learn from it, and re-attack your goals. You'll get there!

Keep this in mind… our natural tendency is often to quit when we face failure, but it’s simply a part of the process. Learn from it, then re-attack your goal. You’ll get there!

Share your thoughts: Were any of these stories new to you? Have you used any of these stories to encourage yourself to keep going in the past?

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12 Amazing Creatives Who Overcame Great Failures to Reach Their Dreams