10 Ways Your Mental Health Will Benefit from Interacting with Others

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Mental Health

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Maintaining your mental health is a very personal battle. Nobody else can tell what is going inside your mind at any given time. Having said that, it’s important to understand that battle doesn’t need to be fought alone. Interacting with others is a crucial factor throughout the journey.

Embracing others will aid your mental health in many different ways. Here are 10 of the best.   

Combat Loneliness

When anxiety and other issues strike, there’s no question that feelings of loneliness will make things seem infinitely worse. Opening up is a pivotal stage of overcoming those battles. Even if it simply means vocalizing those issues to a pet, getting them out in the open can have a truly positive impact. It’s a therapeutic exercise that allows you to validate your thoughts and think about the next steps.

A problem shared is a problem halved. Speaking to loved ones, or a mental health professional, will enable you to experience this first hand. Don't overlook its significance.Click To Tweet

Support & Guidance

Aside from getting things off your chest, speaking to others may often lead to useful support and advice. This is particularly useful when speaking to people that have gone through similar situations and understand your feelings. These people might be found through online forums or local support groups. Either way, the reassurance gained from seeing how far they’ve come can make a world of difference.

One place I’ve turned to on a fairly regular basis is The Mighty website. Its sole purpose is to offer support to those struggling with various mental ad physical maladies, and does so by encouraging readers to share their experiences, providing much-needed support to others who may be feeling as if they’re struggling alone. Take a look when you have a free minute or two.

Besides, the knowledge that you’ve found your way back to the right track will put you in a positive frame of mind. Even if the journey ahead is set to be long and bumpy.

Whether its through preventative techniques or a targeted response to existing conditions, interacting with others truly is essential for your mental health. #MentalHealth #SelfImprovement

Positive Energy

Loved ones, and strangers want to help. However, as already mentioned, it’s not always possible unless you actively seek it. If you’re not comfortable asking loved ones for support, distance healing can work wonders. Aside from the positive energies that will be sent in your direction, the simple knowledge that someone out there cares is vital. 

Positive energy doesn’t suddenly make everything better, but it can certainly have a big impact and provide reassurance Positivity begets positivity and any progress should be appreciated.   


Gaining support from others is a great way to restore your mental health. Sometimes, though, helping others is the best way to boost your own mental health and wellbeing. If nothing else, the satisfaction gained from knowing you’ve done your bit can provide validation. This is sure to aid your mental health for both the immediate and long-term future.

Your support needn’t be limited to ideas around mental health. Charitable activities and being around to support loved ones can bring truly incredible outcomes.   

Active Mind

Mental health isn’t merely about maintaining a positive frame of mind. You should also think about the long-term repercussions that loneliness of today could have on tomorrow. A lack of communication and interaction can speed up Alzheimer’s disease. This is just one of several reasons why you should pay attention at the earliest stage possible.   

Keeping the mind active through surrounding yourself with people that care is a truly wonderful thing. Your mental health and happiness will be greatly improved as a consequence.

Other Health Problems

While other people often can’t detect your mental health issues, they can certainly pick up on physical ones. Whether it’s a change in posture, lost hearing, or any other issue doesn’t matter. Those physical health struggles will be affecting your mental health on a subconscious level. Attending to them right away can protect your mental health as well.

Conversely, if you leave it too late, the physical issues can become a huge source of depression and general negativity. Do not let this become a problem.


Nobody’s life is perfect. In truth, it’s very easy to get caught up focusing primarily on the negative elements. With the support of the right people around you, however, you’ll be able to focus on the important things. Spending time with loved ones is far more rewarding than buying the luxury car or treating yourself to a pair of shoes could ever feel.

A little perspective goes a long way in this world and being surrounded by the best people is the key to getting it right.  Make sure that you do.

Establish Routine

It’s a strange phenomenon, but having a sense of routine in your life truly is a vital factor for your mental health. Scheduling times to meet with loved ones is a key component of this, not least because it gives you something to look forward to. Without them, it’s very likely that your leisure time will blur into one big puddle of nothing.   

The sense of disillusionment gained from not making the most of this free time will cause symptoms of mental health issues to worsen.

Motivation Boost 

Striving for better is a key attribute that will aid your mental health and keep negativity at bay. However, it’s very difficult to find the incentive to bounce back from bad situations. Making your friends and family happy can be your greatest motivation. In turn, this can fire you to far greater progress in various aspects of your life. And this will inject added positivity into your life.

You can do anything you put your mind too, not least with regards to overcoming mental health barriers. If other people can kick you into gear, that’s fantastic.

Stay on Track

Everyone should be eager to take the necessary steps to keep their mental health in great condition. However, those that are fighting their way back from problems need to be aware of potential relapses. With the right people around you, this becomes far less likely. From ensuring you stick to your medication to simply helping you focus on the positives, their influence can be huge.

Fighting the battle for balanced mental health alone is never the answer. So, whether its preventative techniques or a targeted response to existing conditions, interacting with others truly is essential.

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Whether its through preventative techniques or a targeted response to existing conditions, interacting with others truly is essential for your mental health. #MentalHealth #SelfImprovement