How to Avoid Power Struggles with Your Teen: A Parent’s Guide

Teens can be challenging, to say the least. Take steps to prevent disagreements and power struggles, keep them safe, and teach them to resolve conflicts respectfully.

The Most Common Effects of Anxiety on the Body

The physical symptoms caused by anxiety aren’t always obvious. Some of the most common symptoms affect our nervous, cardiovascular, and digestive systems.

How to Cope with Back Injury and Chronic Pain

Chronic pain limits your range of movement, but also your quality of life and mental health. Learn to cope effectively with these strategies.

How to Clear Your Overwhelmed Mind

Giving your brain the rest it needs can do wonders for your mental and physical health. Use these tips to clear your mind and give it the rest it deserves.

How to Reach Self-Acceptance, Happiness, and Contentment

Self-Acceptance is essential to reach a level of contentment with yourself and your life. Learn how compassion leads to healing, contentment, and happiness.




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I created Living Simply as a place for those who struggle with mental illness who also strive to find more fulfillment from life. Through Living Simply–whether it be from the blog, the courses, or the challenges–you’ll find personal growth strategies to help strengthen your resilience, your self-worth, and positivity for more balanced mental health and a happier, more fulfilling life. I have lived with mental illness for many (many, many) years, and I believe each of us is capable of creating a version of ourselves we genuinely love while living a fulfilling, happy life!